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What did Amy say? Amy cannot stop raving about the great service that she received from Berkeley Locksmith last week. That's all she's been talking about, for the last couple days. Goodness she even posted on Facebook how much she loves Berkeley Locksmith, and how big of a stress reliever they were for her.

Last weekend Amy went out, and her purse got stolen while she was out shopping. Her purse had everything in it, her wallet with her credit card and all forms of identification, pictures of her kids, and her house keys. Thankfully, she had her car keys in her pocket, or else she wouldn't have been able to get to her car until her husband came back from visiting his mom. Anyways Amy realized when she got home that she couldn't get in because she didn't have her keys and her alarm was on. So she went to the phonebook, looked up locksmiths, and called the one that seemed to be the best of the best, but at the same time with the right price. Amy called Berkeley Locksmith to come to her rescue, and they arrived at her house in what seemed like no time at all.

She explained to her technician her situation, and he told her not to worry that he would be able to get her into her house in no time at all. Amy has not stopped telling everyone how friendly and respectful her technician was, and that she would call Berkeley Locksmith again if she had to do it all over again. She kept telling us that her technician, got to work straight away on her issue, and even explained to her that he gets multiple lockout cases a week, and that it was not something to be ashamed of or even embarrassed about. He unlocked her door, and made sure that she was okay and didn't need anything else before he left.

Berkeley Locksmith, the name of the company that Amy calls a superhero. She said that they swooped in to save her day, and that she couldn't show her gratitude enough, to how thankful she was for them. She also kept mentioning how professional her locksmith was, and that when he first got to her house he asked her if she wanted to see his license that made him eligible to be a technician. That was something she didn't even think of, but she realized that the technicians at Berkeley Locksmith were unlike any other handyman service that she has ever dealt with.

Amy truly believes that Berkeley Locksmith cares for their customers, because it was so evident in her technician that he wasn't just there to do a job, but to take care of any needs that she had that was related to her security and well-being. It was so refreshing to have some was not only focused on their job and the money they would make from it, but he wanted to make sure that she would be safe.

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